We ensure you that not even one day of your stay in the Fero Lux hotel will be lost. We highly  recommend:
  • Hiking in the mountains, particularly to mountain hostels and huts in Hala Miziowa, Hala Rysianka and Hala Lipowska and to Pilsko ( 1557 m n.p.m.). 
  • Nordic Walking (walking poles are available for renting)
  • Cycle routes
  • Hucul pony stud
  • Visiting the Brewery Museum in Żywiec
  • Visiting the Castle of Hapsburgs in Żywiec 
Take your passport with you if you intend to come to stay in the Fero Lux Hotel since in Korbielów there is a border with Slovakia. Our close neighbours also have a number of places worth seeing during your stay in Fero Lux Hotel. You can easily reach them travelling by your car or by rented bus. We recommend: 
The Orava Lake (30 km from the Fero Lux Hotel) - high season is between 15 April and 15 September - outside the season most of the attractions are shut down. Public beach is located in Namestovo, near tourist information and large car park. Water sports equipment rental is by the Studnicka Hotel. You can arrange for a ship trip to the island (a bird sanctuary) - more information in the information centre in Namestovo. Oravska Priehrada - a bike tip along the trail starting off at the bridge in Namestovo going to the dam will give you a nice treat.
Oravice (35 km from the Orava Lake/ 65 km from the Fero Lux Hotel). There is a bathing resort with hot springs, open daily 12.00 - 20.00, and between 15 May and 15 September from 10 am -10 pm
Vychylovka (26 km from the Orava Lake / 56 km from the Fero Lux Hotel) - There you can try a historic forest narrow gauge railroad  and the Muzeum Kusyckiej Dediny (open-air ethnographic museum)
Oravski Podzamok (21 km from the Orava Lake/ 51 km from the Fero Lux Hotel) - famous Orava Castle
Besenova (50 km from the Orava Lake/ 80 km from the Fero Lux Hotel) hot springs (open daily from 10 am to 9.00 pm)
Demanovska Cave (110 km from the Fero Lux Hotel) - from 1st June to 15th Sept. open 9 am - 4 pm and from 16th Sept. to 31st May between 9 am-2pm (entries at 9 am, 11, 12.30, 2 pm), between 1st Nov. and 4th Dec. closed