Structural Diet

Dr. Bardadyn's diet
A 7 or 14-day stay in our hotel is a rational combination of the structural diet, rejuvenating exercises and outdoor activities.
The effect is body cleansing, rejuvenation, better physical condition, fitness and weight loss without yo-yo effect. 
Aquaaerobic, rejuvenating exercises, Nordic walking will rebuild your vital energy, give you stamina and strengthen your body.
for the adventurous ones - horse riding lessons
for the stressed ones - swimming pool, sauna and massages
Why the structural diet?
The structural diet is comprehensive and complete - strengthens, regenerates and rejuvenates your body. 
It brings permanent effects and since it rebuilds the cell structure, it can turn back our biological clock.
In the structural diet the quality of the products served is the most crucial. Diet plans carefully prepared by Dr Marek 
Bardadyn guarantee a maximum content of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Knowledge of latest discoveries in the field of medicine and dietetics enables appropriate protein, carbohydrate and fat acquisition, processing and management.
We have two diet plans to offer: 
Structural diet - 800 calorie weight-loss diet plan 
- recommended for overweight people and with metabolic disorders. Although it is low-caloric, it ensures a maximum content of the most valuable nutrients, thanks to well-planned menus based on latest discoveries in the field of medicine and dietetics.
Structural diet - 1200 calorie rejuvenation diet plan
- preferably for people with normal weight or slightly overweight as well as for people with the symptoms of chronic 
fatigue, during the recovery period, directly after antibiotic treatment or in other conditions involving general weakness.
Within the standard scheme:
  • 7 nights
  • 5 balanced meals a day, good-bye dinner with a glass of wine (menu strictly following Dr Bardadyn's structural diet)
  • 75 zloty worth voucher for SPA treatments (to choose from body and face treatments, massages e.g. salt peeling of the whole body and waterbed massage)
  • morning warm-up with an instructor (6 times)
  • Nordic Walking mountain tours with an instructor (4-5 excursions)
  • pool activities with an instructor (5-6 times 45 min. each)
  • gym activities with an instructor (5-6 times 45 min. each) stretching and pilates,
  • swimming pool open from 8.00-22.00, sauna 15.00-22.00 (free use)
Also included in the scheme:
  • scheme discussion+handing out ancillary materials
  • presentation of SPA@Wellness offer of the Fero Lux hotel, special discounts and weight-loss packages for guests with diet scheme
  • Nordic Walking instructions
  • renting of Nordic Walking poles
  • meeting with the chef
  • no limits on drinks-fruit and herbs teas, mineral water
  • fat tissue measurement, size and weight measurement
  • car park
  • transportation from PKS bus stop (on the arrival and departure days, necessary prior notification)
  • hot spot in the café and guest rooms