The Hucul pony is one of a few mountain ponies bred in Poland. This breed was brought to Poland by Vlachs from the Eastern part of the Carpathian Mountains. It is rather small. It weights between 350 and 430 kg and the average height at withers is 135 cm. In spite of its size, the Hucul pony is heavy build and possesses a strong back, it can easily carry an adult with heavy loads. The ponies were bred in harsh mountain conditions, what made them very resistant to weather conditions and easy to keep.  They can reach even the most inaccessible areas, therefore can be used for trail riding.  The ponies are usually calm with a good disposition, what is their advantage when ridden by beginners or disabled. 
They live all year in the herd on the pasture and show well-developed herd instinct. At the same time, they become attached to humans. The above advantages facilitate breeding and make this bred the best for hiking.