CANTIENICA® – Pelvic Floor Training -  the first therapeutic method in the world which gives lightness of movements and physical fitness thanks to strengthening of pelvic floor muscles as well as deep abdominal and hip muscles.
If you suffer from any of the following, the lower pelvis training is for you:
  • chronic cystitis, urinary incontinence
  • hernia/prolapse/protrusion of organs (bladder, womb, vagina, bowel)
  • acute and chronic pains in back, spine, neck tension
  • haemorrhoids, constipations, digestive disorders
  • prostatic hyperplasia (prevention)
  • ankle swelling, lymphatic stasis, heavy feeling in the legs
  • pelvic upslip, incorrect posture
  • saggy tights, buttocks, belly, cellulite
  • degeneration and deformation of hip joints
  • weakening of lower pelvis after labour, episiotomy and Caesarean section
  • problems with orgasm, vaginal expansion
Some other benefits from training lower pelvis 
  • physical fitness
  • straight silhouette
  • well-being
  • perfect shape and posture
  • better sex life
The Pelvic Floor Training is carried out in the Fero Lux Hotel by Izabela Żak, a certified instructor of CANTIENICA®-Pelvic Floor Training. 
You are welcome to come and attend our pelvic floor training on basic and advanced level
  • 7 sessions 90 minutes each - special offer - 350 zloty 
  • + stay in the hotel - according to the current price list and selected option (i.e. HP accommodation and meals or a stay with the structural diet and leisure and sports activities) 
20 -25.09 2015